This weekend we got to experience an amazing thing! We got to see our little boy face to face! We have seen him in sonograms in the past, but the 3D sonogram experience is completely different. This type of sonogram allows you to see features, and when they put it in 4D mode you get to see video. Although insurance doesn’t usually cover it, I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to find out how accurate our pictures actually are.

Captain Awesome gave me a wonderful Mother’s Day present back in May. He bought me a 3D sonogram package. It really was extremely thoughtful, and I can’t believe we finally got to use it! I knew when I got it I wouldn’t be going till closer to 30 weeks, and it is amazing that we are finally there! I wanted to wait till I was farther along so that I could really see the features of our little one, but the trick is that you can’t wait till you are too far because then the little one is so squished in your belly that it’s hard to get good pictures. So we decided that around 29 weeks would be perfect (With a little help from the sonogram place of course). We thought that this would be the appointment we would both bring our Mothers. I wanted to bring them to at least one sonogram appointment so they could experience it, and this one seemed just perfect since I knew it would be set up to accommodate more people than the actual Doctor’s sonogram room. I think it was a good choice.

The Captain purchased the package from a company called Womb pics which is in Long Island. It really is an amazing business model. They are open only 3 days a week, take no insurance, and the price is low enough that people actually would buy the packages. The sonogram room is set up extremely comfortably, with a bed for me to lay on (nice touch), 3 chairs for guests (perfect for us), and a nice 50″ television to view your baby.

Now for the actual 3D sonogram….it really was amazing! Even with all the skittles I ate beforehand, the little guy decided to remain calm during the appointment. It actually was a good thing because he was in a great position. I wanted to see him move around and such, but we were told we were better off keeping him this way, because if he moved, he could flip around and we wouldn’t be able to see him. Good news? He’s still a boy! We got to see his little boy parts in 3D too! I have promised him not to start embarrassing him already, so I will not be sharing that particular picture Sorry to disappoint!

I will admit that some pictures are a little scary looking. I’m allowed to say that right? I’m his mom! At one point we are looking at his nose and it looked so wide! Everyone else was silent and I had to be the one to point it out. I figure it’s ok coming from me. I also sometimes thought he looked a bit like Benjamin Button in there! All wrinkly, and like a little old man! Here’s one…look at his palm on his chin..such the little thinker!

Here are a few more!

Giving us the peace sign…

The Captain also made a slide show put to music with all the pictures! If you want to see it you can check it out here!

It was just such an amazing experience. I always am well aware of the little guy in my belly, but to get to see him was just surreal! People say that it should all be left up to a surprise at delivery, but I don’t think so. I have enjoyed every little surprise along the way. And I know that NOTHING can take away the surprise and joy of actually meeting our little one face to face! I still can’t tell who he looks like, but we will find out soon! Seeing these pictures makes me want to meet him even more….the countdown continues!