I will open by saying that I think every day should be Mother’s Day…I may not be the first, and I certainly won’t be the last to say that. I know that the novelty will eventually wear off…kind of like a birth day, but for my very first Mother’s Day I was going to make sure I got celebrated. I have been looking forward to being a mom for so long, that it was kind of surreal to get to have my day. A day that I got to spend with our little family.

The night before Mother’s Day The Captain and I attended a formal to celebrate the 10 year reunion of his fraternity. Before going I reminded him that the following day was Mother’s Day, and that I hoped he wouldn’t “celebrate” too hard at the formal. I would hate the entire day to be ruined with a hang over. I also asked for him to get up with the baby in the morning so I could go back to sleep. I say back to sleep because I had to get up with our boy to feed him. Yes I could’ve had The Captain feed a bottle, but I would’ve had to pump anyway…so might as well just feed him myself. So even though Captain Awesome “celebrated” with the best of them…he still did daddy duty at 6:15 am on Sunday. He did as promised. (had he not we wouldn’t have wanted to see what would have happened..) Don’t tell him, but I may have liked going back to bed a little too much! Does it have to be Mother’s Day to have him get up with the baby? I may have to consider it….

I slept till a whopping 8:30! (oh college Jen who couldn’t get up before noon would cringe!) After waking up to presents and kisses from my family, Captain Awesome took the baby to go have breakfast with his mom, while I enjoyed some peace and quiet at home. I got the Sunday paper and had a nice cup of coffee by myself. Who knew something so simple could be so enjoyable!? Once they returned, they found me exactly where they left me. On the couch in my pajamas! So I dressed and we started our day. The Captain planned for us to go to a local Arboretum (a very nice park). The idea came because our little man LOVES trees! So we thought it would be fun to bring him. The day was so gorgeous that it was a perfect choice!

We packed up the car, brought food for a picnic, and our little family went to the park (including Tinkerbell who we had to hide since dogs aren’t allowed). We walked around till we found a great spot for our picnic by the pond. It really was a beautiful park. I loved laughing with The Captain, and showing our little man all the beautiful trees and flowers. Tinkerbell had a great day too!

After our great day out, once our boy was in bed The Captain and I ordered in Chinese and watched a movie. It was a perfect ending to a great day. After all of that I have decided that every day should be like that. Not only because we celebrated in my honor, but because we had the best day together as a family.

Happy Mother’s Day to me, and to all the other Mother’s and Mother’s to be out there. We all deserve this special day!