As you may or may not know, The Captain and I both went to Hofstra University. This is where we met and fell in love! (Go ahead and sigh…it’s ok!) This year marks Hofstra’s 75th anniversary, and to honor the occasion they are holding a Hofstra’s Best Couple Contest where they asked couples who met at Hofstra to enter. Umm hello!! How perfect would it be for Captain Awesome and I to win this! We are totally Hofstra’s best couple!

Hofstra’s Best Couple Entry

My husband and I met in 2000 when he was a Sophomore and I was a Junior, and we have been together ever since! It’s a typical Frat boy meets Sorority girl love story. Jen the Tri Sig and Evan the SAE.

The story of our meeting isn’t a romantic one since it happened at the local bar, but who doesn’t meet that way in college? We became fast friends and went on to become a couple. We truly enjoyed spending our college years together, and the years that followed were even better. Evan is a Long Island boy through and through, and I decided to stay in Long Island so we can be together. Our relationship lasted while Evan went to Law school, and I found my way bringing my dad’s print business to Long Island.

We got engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2007. It was such a special day. We went on to marry on June 14, 2008! Currently, we live in Plainview, New York, and have been married 2 years and are now expecting our first child, a boy, who is due December 11, 2010! We are so happy to have met at Hofstra. Not only did we love it as a university, but it was where we found each other. Evan is now working as the Director of Financial Planning for the Center for Wealth Preservation and I am the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Foley Business Forms & Print Solutions.

The entry is short, but I guess they didn’t need a long winded explanation of our courtship…and boy was it LONG! lol I think we should have this contest in the bag…but I’m worried about some of the older couples. They definitely have longevity on us, but I’ve got you, my readers to vote!

Captain Awesome keeps asking what we win. To be honest I’m not sure! What I do know is that we would win something commemorative, and be honored at some reception. But the title is what I am looking for! I keep reminding him that it would just validate what we already know! That we are an awesome couple!

So here is what I need you to do! Go to the Hofstra’s Best Couple website and vote for Jennifer and Evan! Go on! You know you want to! And yes, for those reading this that personally know us, I am fully prepared to be mocked for entering in the first place. But admit it…it doesn’t surprise you one bit that I entered….