Everyone has a special someone that is always in their hearts. Whether alive or dead, whether a parent, child, or pet, it is nice to know that there is a way to remember them and keep them close. There are many companies such as Everlasting Memories that carry products like memorial jewelry to help remember their loved ones. Their memorial Jewelry  allow you to carry your loved ones with you in so many different ways.

I know so many mom’s with jewelry that is the initials of their children. What if you went a different direction and put your child’s photograph on a nice piece of jewelry? Photo engraved jewelry allow you to capture a memory and keep it close. I think it could even make a great gift for grandparents!

One very interesting, and most unique product that Everlasting Memories carries is the Cremation Jewelry . Cremation jewelry came about from the need for many to carry a small part of their loved one with them. Whether they were cremated or buried you can still keep a piece of them. Whether it’s a lock of hair, a dried up flower, or some sacred ground, you can carry that with you.

Loved ones aren’t always human. Confused? I’m talking a loved one can also be a pet. If you know me you know how much I love my Tinkerbell. She is a part of the family! That’s when the Pet Photo Pendants could make a wonderful gift!  Silver, gold, diamond shapes, hearts and many other options mean that you can choose the best way to display your pictures.

All the items from Everlasting Memories can be used for both the living and the dead. It’s a great way to carry someone close to your heart. A portable photo album of those moments in time, keep the emotions of those moments close at hand and close to heart.

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