When you are pregnant you have many a doctor appointments scheduled. Each week ticks by and you just wait to go to that appointment just so you can hear that little heartbeat, or see a sonogram, and just know that the little one inside is still growing strong. Then, you have your baby and BAM! You are old news…they just say see you in six weeks and send you on your way. Now that that’s happened I feel a little sad…I think I am going through doctor withdrawal!

In the beginning the appointments are every month. The four weeks seem like a long time while they are happening, but looking back it all went so fast. But no matter what I knew that every month I would get to know that everything was going as it should. They would listen to the heart, or take different tests…all things to tell me our little boy was A ok! I looked forward to those appointments each month, they certainly couldn’t come soon enough…

From the start I knew that at the end of the pregnancy I would be going to the doctor a lot more. I looked forward to that time and once it came I started to go every two weeks, and then at 35 weeks it was time to go every week. It was great getting to know my doctors better, and it was exciting to wait to hear about any progress I was making (even though there was none!). Then, you go through delivery, which in my opinion is extremely traumatic for your body, a after 2 days in the hospital they send you on your way! Buh Bye!

Yesterday was my 6 week follow up appointment. I went in thinking that we’d chat about the delivery, chat about how I have been feeling, and show pictures of my little man. Nope! Business as usual at the lady doctor. They even go as far to tell me that I’m not completely healed (which they said is normal since healing is slow while breastfeeding), and then in the next sentence said…see you in 6 months! SIX MONTHS?? How will I know when I’m healed? I guess they aren’t too worried about it!

Now I am back to my appointments every 6 months. I’m no longer a special OB priority patient, and that is kind of odd. I guess now our pediatrician can be my new best doctor friend. I get to see her every month now! Lucky them!