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I figure it’s time to take a break from all the pregnancy talk, and get back to something that is also super exciting. It’s been one of the things that has semi occupied my mind. Our family Disney trip! We are less that 60 days to the big vacation, and that means that we can pick our Fast Passes. For those that don’t know, or haven’t been to Disney in a while things have really changed. EVERYTHING can be planned in advance, and it is recommended that you do so. They even go as far as have you pick out 3 rides, and the time to ride those rides at each park each day. I’m still not so sure about it, but being the planner that I am I am embracing it! Here’s what I chose and why…

Word on the street is that the more you plan for Disney the more you can get out of the experience. We picked our advanced dining reservations once we booked. You are allowed to do that 180 before your trip. The fast pass selections can be made 60 days in advance. These are now all connected to the new magic bands, and everything is easy peasy (or so they say). It’s really hard to imagine knowing which park we want to go to on which day. Not to mention you have to pick what time you want to ride said ride. It’s all a guess.

Here is what we chose!

Magic Kingdom

Peter Pan’s Flight: 10:10-11:10

Jungle Cruise: 3:25-4:25

Pirates Of The Caribbean: 4:25-5:25

There are so many amazing rides in Magic Kingdom! I did a ton of research and based on my son’s size these seem to be the most popular. I’m amazed that they say Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan’s Flight because they are so old? But that’s what they say! He’s not 38″ just yet, so I didn’t book any rides that had a height requirement. Supposedly the new Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train is opening in May so I am waiting for those fast passes to open and if they do I will add that. This is our first full day there so I am going with no nap on this day. I am going to push through. I also figure a break in the afternoon for the 3:00 parade.


Turtle Talk With Crush: 3:50-4:50

The Seas With Nemo and Friends: 5;00-6:00

Maelstrom: 7:00-8:00

The way fast passes work are by park not day. On this day we are doing Hollywood Studios in the morning and Epcot in the afternoon. After speaking to a Disney representative they recommended I fast pass in the afternoon vs. the morning because it gets more crowded then. Especially in Epcot. I hope this doesn’t backfire in Hollywood studios because I want to get to Toy Story Mania first thing. Only problem? We have Chef Mickey that morning at 8:15 so we won’t get to the park for rope drop. Oh well!

Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safaris: 9:15-10:15

Kali River Rapids: 10:45-11:45

DINOSAUR: 1:45-2:45

The only one I am really interested in is the Safari. I am told it’s best to see it first thing in the morning because the animals get hot and rest in the afternoon. The rapids are for 38″ so I am not positive we will get on that but it’s worth a shot. We have lunch at Tusker House that day and then I plan on spending the afternoon back at our hotel for nap/pool time because we are doing the Luau for dinner.

Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland Speedway: 10:25-11:25

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin: 11:25-12:25

The Many Adventures Of Winnie the Pooh: 4:20-5:20

We are doing a second day at Magic Kingdom. There is just so much to see! I am starting this day in Tomorrowland and ending back in Fantasy land to go back to rides we loved and maybe see some we missed.

I am not going to go crazy over what rides we get on and which ones we miss. I just can’t. Right now my son won’t even know what he is missing and I am not going to be the crazy ” go go go!” Disney person. We will get on what we can. I am hoping this plan is a good one. If not…I live and learn. It just means that we have to go back….ALOT!

What do you think of my list? Missing any? Suggestions?