Dear Pooh Bear, Today I get to hear your little heartbeat again! It has been 4 long weeks since I have gotten to hear it so I can’t wait to hear that sound again. My appointment this morning can’t come quick enough.

I have a secret little one. I think I have started to feel you moving inside my belly! I say it’s a secret because unfortunatly I can’t know for sure, since to be honest I don’t know what I am supposed to feel. Some people will say it feels like flutters, some will say more of a pop. For me, it was more of a pop. You said hello with what I assume was a little nudge to say “Hey mom…I’m here!”. Since then I will admit that I have felt little flutters along with more pops. You tend to say hello when I am laying still, and last night I knew that you loved the Italian Ice I was having because you were moving alot! I can’t wait  till the day that I can be sure that it’s you, and also excited for when you can say hello to your daddy too. I’m sure feeling you kick will make him smile.

Your mommy isn’t sleeping so soundly anymore. I think I may need to get one of those pregnancy pillows, because they say I should be sleeping on my side, but at this point my shoulders hurt from sleeping on my side! When I do sleep I am having some crazy dreams! They are so vivid and real! I have only had 2 dreams of you little Pooh Bear. Both of those dreams had you being a girl, but we all know that you certainly could be a little boy. We will know for sure in 13 days! Then your mommy and daddy can really start thinking about the things we want to buy you! Get ready for your close up little Pooh Bear because mommy and daddy are counting on you cooperating so we can see if we are on team pink or blue!

I am still in Awe of you every day little Pooh Bear. Everyone has asked me how I am feeling, and all I can say is how lucky I have been, and how excited your daddy and I are. It may sound like a rehearsed answer but it’s the Gosh honest truth! I remind myself how lucky I am every single day. It’s nice to know that there are so many people in our lives excited to hear about you, and luckily your mommy never gets tired of talking about you. You are so loved already little one.

Pregnancy Week 17!

How your baby’s growing:

Your baby’s skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she’s around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop. Starting to feel a bit off balance? As your belly grows, your center of gravity changes, so you may begin to occasionally feel a little unsteady on your feet. Try to avoid situations with a high risk of falling. Wear low-heeled shoes to reduce your risk of taking a tumble; trauma to your abdomen could be dangerous for you and your baby. You’ll also want to be sure to buckle up when you’re in a car — keep the lap portion of the seat belt under your belly, drawn snugly across your hips, and also use the shoulder harness, which should fit snugly between your breasts.

You may also notice your eyes becoming drier. Using over-the-counter lubricating drops may help. If your contact lenses become uncomfortable, try wearing them for shorter stretches of time. If you still have discomfort, switch to glasses until after you give birth.

Look at that umbilical cord! It’s getting nice and strong! My one book said you are about the size of my open hand. Personally, I think you are getting pretty big!

Love, Mommy