My Boycott On Movie Theaters

I have been told by some people that it seems as though I have many battles against many companies. I fight with a lot of them, most of the time losing, and then tell anyone who will listen how much I loath that particular thing or company. Today is no different. Today I want to […]

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Weekend Recap

As I posted in one of my last posts, my husband and I have been going through so much these past few weeks. As I have also mentioned we have amazing family and friends who care for us so much, and have been so supportive through this sad time in our life. One thing I am […]

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What Am I Reading?

As you might have noticed I was stuck on my previous book Barbara Walters: Audition for a long while. I wrote the post about it back on April 22nd…so I am pretty ashamed of my slow pace. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good book. It was, and very interesting. It was just that it wasn’t […]

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Just What The Doctor Ordered

If it were appropriate to go to the doctor to complain about the long extended winter we just had, or the depression it brings with it…then he certainly would’ve prescribed this past weekends activities to make the long winter blues disappear! This Memorial Day weekend had all the elements to make it a complete success….Sun, […]

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Memorial Day Weekend Kick off!

I am starting my long weekend early, by taking Friday afternoon off to enjoy the weather. For some reason I think this year I am looking forward to Memorial Day weekend more then I feel I have in previous years. I am not sure why, but I believe that this year I hated winter more […]

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