Now onto part two of my story…you can catch up by reading part one here!

Friday I finally made it to Philly (where my sister lives) to spend the day with her and my mom. I felt bad leaving a sick husband and sick dog behind, but I was looking forward to a weekend celebrating my sisters upcoming wedding! Friday we got manicures and pedicures…had a nice lunch and lounged before my sisters low key night with her bridesmaids. The girls came over and we had dinner and drinks (well I had no drinks) and it ended in a slumber party!

Saturday we got up early and started our trip to Atlantic City. Of course the plan to spend the day poolside at our hotel’s rooftop pool was thwarted due to rain, but we certainly made the best of it! We stayed at The Chelsea in Atlantic City. Our rooms were in The Annex Portion and I will openly say that I DO NOT recommend anyone staying here. (check out my nasty Trip Advisor Review)  I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at a more waste of money hotel in my life! We paid $240/room and got the luxuries of a $79/night room. My room didn’t even have comforters on the beds! The TV was from around circa 1980 and the bathroom updated last circa 1950. Please take my advice and not waste your money.

ANYWAY…other than the rooms our trip in AC was great! There were 20 girls there all our for the party. I personally think that is a nice BIG number and I was happy to see all of them came out to celebrate my sister. We had dinner at PF Changs at the Tropicana. I can’t say nicer things about this restaurant. The price fix menu they put together was wonderful and inexpensive. They accommodated our group of 20 wonderfully, and offered top notch service all the way. I was a bit nervous because everything seemed to be going TOO smoothly. I guess I can be a pessimist sometimes, but I didn’t want anything to go wrong. It all seemed too good to be true. The good news was it wasn’t.  Even when we delivered the Penis cake to be brought out for dessert, and we were told nicely that it would offend the other guests (kind of embarrassing)…they let the whole group go take a look at it in the kitchen. I highly recommend any group eating there!

I must admit that it was VERY tough to be sober at this party. Everything about a bachelorette party is centered around drinking, and I stink at being the sober one, but it is what it is so I made the best of it. Next came the Karaoke bar. This place was fun! I wish we were able to stay there longer, but we had to be at the club before 11:30 in order to not have to wait in a long line. The last thing my sister wanted was to be stuck in line…and neither did I. So our group of 20 girls (all in black by the way) traveled to the club Providence. If I had trouble being the sober one before it was even tougher at the club. I HATE being pushed, and find it a little more deal-able when I am happy on adult beverages. The good news is that we moved our party to the upper level of the club pretty early on, and we had our own space to dance and hang out. I stayed out way past my bedtime (2 am) but was glad I did. I had a great time and so did my sister, which is the most important thing.

What didn’t I miss the next day?? The hangover! It felt nice to wake up somewhat fresh. My sister on the other hand not so much…but that’s to be expected. It’s a right of passage. We traveled home, and left my sister at home in Philly to recover. I made the trip to my parents house to spend the night before traveling back to Long Island. One event down for my sisters wedding and a few more to go. I can’t believe the wedding is almost here!