Throughout this pregnancy I have been a bit cautious. Especially since I know what it’s like to suffer a miscarriage, I think that somewhat put a damper on my excitement, and willingness to plan for this baby. Once I made it through the first trimester I allowed myself to breath a little more, but in the back of my mind I knew that I was waiting for that Level 2 sonogram that we had yesterday to fully allow myself to plan for this baby. I didn’t think about the nursery, I haven’t really thought too much about names, and I haven’t bought one item myself for little Pooh Bear. That is an amazing feat since I am a super huge planner, and always over think things. And now that we had that sonogram…and know that little Pooh Bear is a boy it’s time for my brain to go into full overdrive. It’s time to start breaking out the plans!

First thing is to steer my brain from thinking pink to thinking blue! I have so many questions! This little boy will be the first grandson and first nephew on both sides. What does that mean? I have ZERO idea how to plan for a baby! I may be naive, but I am a big believer that planning for a baby is something I need to figure out for myself, because what worked for my parents, or my friends may not work for me. So I have to decide for myself what I want and what I don’t. That being said it’s time for me to start the research!

 One item that I am truly finding helpful is this Baby Bargains Book. Basically, the book has done a ton of research and polled tons of mothers and have rated and given advice on most of the necessary baby products from cribs to monitors. I feel like I am going to look to this book as my bible to registering. They let you know what’s worth spending extra money on and what’s not. This is very helpful considering when it comes to babies everyone is always trying to sell you something…especially when it comes to safety. And being a first time mom it’s hard to sort through what really IS important and what is just overdoing it. The Captain laughs at me, because he hasn’t yet figured out where my line is when it comes to the baby products. For example, I don’t want to put baby bumpers in my crib…but I find the wiper warmer contraption extremely silly. My answer to him is that I still have no idea where my line is…I’m still figuring that all out! I really want to try my best not to be a complete neurotic. That may be hard since it’s in my nature…but I promise I’m going to try.

Diapers? Well I went back and forth with the idea of cloth diapering for some time. I REALLY wanted to cloth diaper for purposes of saving money, but after doing some research I don’t really think the savings will be that much. Plus, I feel like I will have so much to deal with that I don’t think I will stick with it. I have decided to focus my attentions on my desire to breast feed. This is Really important to me, so I figure my time doing that will be better than that time spent doing laundry.

Cribs? wowza! Where to begin? Did you know you have to buy your crib mattress separetly? Drop side cribs are now a no no….watch out and make sure you get the right sheets….don’t use bumpers or the quilts that come in the sets…yikes!

So yes, my brain is on complete overdrive right now. I enjoy it. I find researching this stuff fun. I also am happy that the decisions I make will be based on what I’ve read, not only because my friend did it. So get ready for some posts about registry choices. it seems that each of these things will require a nice thought out post to get all my thoughts put together. Trust me it’s theraputic! So let the fun begin! It’s time to start thinking of this baby as a real being and not just an idea…soon enough he will be needing it all!