Well tonight (Thursday) I went to my first Blogher 2010 party! It was hosted by AOL and I was so happy to be invited! It was a great event and I got to meet some wonderful bloggers.  I gotta tell ya that it’s very scary going to these things alone…especially as a newbie! But I really think I did well! I introduced myself and did my best to be the least awkward I could be! (at least I think so..)  Go me!

Tomorrow (Friday) I hope to blog/Tweet from the Blogher conference. I say “hope” because I am hoping my phone cooperates since I’m not bringing my laptop. So stay tuned for all my daily thoughts…and I promise to keep you posted on them all!

So wish me luck! Tomorrow starts the real conference. I am expecting to be a bit overwhelmed, but this outgoing girl can handle it! I don’t scare easily!