This past weekend my husband and I went on a Romantic weekend getaway to Newport Rhode Island for our 1 Year Anniversary! I still can’t believe we’ve been married a year already, but it’s true, and I was very happy to take a little time out with my husband and just enjoy eachothers company. We went to the Dominican Republic in January, so for our anniversary we wanted to take a less expensive trip. We chose Newport Rhode Island because it is with in driving distance and I have heard nothing but good reviews about the place! Friends of ours stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called the Adele Turner Inn a little while back and gave it very high reviews…so we figured this would be our spot!

We made it a three day weekend and went on Friday. We got to Newport and since it was too early to check in we wandered around the town. It was a yucky and gloomy day but luckily no rain. The stores were quaint down by the harbor. After walking around we checked in to our room at the Adele Turner Inn. The Innkeeper was nice and brought us to our room. There, we were surprised with champagne, roses and some chocolates. It was a gift from some friends and it was great to be welcomed to the hotel with such gifts! (Thanks guys!) We stayed in the Benedict Arnold room. It was on the 3rd floor and considered one of their classic rooms. We didn’t upgrade there because we figured we’d be site seeing alot and didn’t need the added amenities.

In the afternoons they have what they call a “high tea” meaning they serve tea in the dining area and offer an aray of treats such as Scones, and cookies and quiche. It was really cute! I don’t love tea all that much, but it was included so we decided to take advantage of it. That night we decided to go down to the marina area to walk around and grab dinner. I was shocked to find that at 7 pm on a Friday night many of the shops were closed! I was bummed about that but we wandered a bit anyway. This evening we decided to eat at the Red Parrot. It was more of a pub, but since the weather wasn’t so great we decided outside dining wasn’t the best idea. The food was great! We were very pleased. After some ice cream we called it an early night. We were just happy to relax!

The next morning we took advantage of the breakfast that was included in our stay. They had a great menu with Pomagranet and pear french toast,  banana nut pancakes, and eggs as well as fresh fruit and cereal. It was a nice way to start the day. Everyone we spoke to recommended we do the mansion tour and that is what we did! We decided on two of the most popular mansions and visited Marble house and the Breakers. They were AMAZING! It is a shame they aren’t used for functions today, but we each got a headset and was free to wander the tour at our own pace. They were spectacular! No pictures were allowed inside so I only have outdoor photos. (the first is the back of Marble House and the 2nd two are the Breakers) I can only imagine the events that went on in these houses!






After our long siteseeing day we went back to our room and enjoyed our afternoon tea, and that evening we went down to the marina for dinner. We enjoyed a nice dinner and had another early night.

As for Newport as a whole, we had a great time but it wasn’t what I expected. I had a great time with my husband. We always have the best time when we travel together. Now our 1 year anniversary has come and gone…where did the time go? We finished off the weekend by watching our wedding video at our house. It was great to relive the memories.