As time moves on, and I begin to feel my active little Pooh Bear more and more, I find myself getting used to him rolling around inside my belly. I am beginning to see why some women who just had a baby tell me how much they missed the little one in the womb. I never really understood it because my initial thought was…isn’t having the baby in your arms much better than in your belly? But I think I am beginning to see how it can be. The little guy has become a part of my every day, and I love the time when I can just feel him swimming around, or even jabbing me to say hi. He certainly is a busy boy!

I have to laugh when I think about him swimming in there. What is he up to? Is his brain thinking about anything? I feel like he is in the correct position with his head down. I know that can change, but I am hoping he stays put. I just started to feel him have hiccups and they occur low in my belly, so I am thinking that’s where his head is. I obviously could be very wrong. Maybe we’ll get our answer this coming weekend when we get our 3D/4D sonogram!

I love it when other people get to feel our Pooh Bear move. Maybe it’s because I am still in awe every time I feel him, and I think that others will be just as impressed. I mean think about it…there is a living being inside my stomach right now! I am growing a child! It truly is a miracle.

Our little boy has a busy schedule already. I feel him pretty much throughout the day now. I get so used to him moving around that sometimes I jump when he gives me a hard jab! Now, I wonder how it will be when he is no longer inside there. Only about 3 short months now! I guess soon I will get my answer!