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Dear Tessa: 2 Years Old

Dear Tessa, “Happy To You” Baby girl! That’s how you say happy birthday. You have been talking about your “happy to you” for a while now and it’s adorable! I love how excited you are to celebrate. You even bring me toys in the store and say “happy to you”….”buy”. Your lucky your cute! Anyway, […]

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Dear Christian: You Made It Through Your First Day of Full-Day Kindergarten!

Dear Christian, Phew…you made it! When I titled this post I really wanted to say that WE made it, but really this post is about you. Although, It’s kind of about me too, because for the most part I have no idea what your first day really looked like….and it kills me. How is it […]

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Dear Christian: On The Day Before Your First Day of Kindergarten

Dear Christian, Your mom is an emotional wreck right now. I remember feeling this way when you started preschool in the 2 year old program, but after that it got better. But as I write this, you are with your dad and sister at BJ’s shopping for school snacks and food, and I can do […]

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