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Learning On Other People’s Kids

As you know, having kids is hopefully in the cards for me and my husband. We both love them, and hope to one day be amazing parents. As our friends start to have children, I am reminded more and more that I have absolutely NO idea how one goes about taking care of a baby […]

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New Fall TV Show Recommendations

Last week was the first week that most of the fall shows were back in business. It was just wonderful! Most of the time I stick with the tried and true favorites, but this year I figured I would branch out and try some new shows. I used to love sitcoms, and I have found […]

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Transportation Issues

We all have quirks and little things that make us weird. Those quirks help to set you apart from others. Most of the time, when others tell you about their quirks you just think about how crazy THEY are…but when it comes to your own quirks you like to consider them endearing. (come on you know […]

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Great Neighbors Help To Make A Happy Home

Growing up I lived in the most wonderful neighborhood. There were kids to play with in all age ranges, and the adults all seemed to be friends. When the weather was good my family would go outside and gather on our driveway. Within a short period of time a bunch of our neighbors would come and […]

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Eating Well=Feeling Well

A friend of mine made a statement a little while back, and this statement always comes back into my head when I feel guilty about eating something bad…”nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. And wow…isn’t that the truth!? I have a very bad stomach and had one for years. I saw doctors and a […]

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