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Eden Fantasys: With A Giveaway!!

I love blogging. I love sharing the things I feel and the things I am thinking. I also love to share about items I like and experiences I have. Recently I was contacted by someone from the website Eden Fantasys. This person offered to send me a product of my choice to try, as well […]

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Winning the Lottery

I am by no means a gambler. I play it safe, and have a real hard time losing, but when the New York Mega Millions reaches over 200 Million dollars my husband and I always play. Now we come to my dilemma. Where does one draw the line when it comes to the lottery? The […]

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Feeling Restless

I have been feeling very restless recently. I feel like I need something fun and exciting to happen. I guess this feeling is not unusual. Probably most people wish exciting things would happen, and I am no different than most. But no matter what the fact still remains that I am feeling restless, and I […]

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Works For Me Wednesday: Seasonal Bins

Growing up my house always had decorations up for the seasons. My mom always made a point of it. She has wreaths and flower arrangements and all sorts of decorations for each holiday/season. My favorite season of course is Christmas. Growing up we had bins and bins of holiday decorations. Each year the family would […]

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Wifey 101: Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Ahhh men and women…Mars and Venus. It is totally amazing how people can be so different. Just one little difference in chromosomes puts a man and a woman on opposite sides of the spectrum in so many cases. I am no way an expert on marriage, especially considering I have only been married for over 1 […]

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