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Ridiculously Big Bags

Does anyone remember back in the day when the popular purses were those little wallet type ones? The ones that pretty much held some cash, credit cards and maybe a lipstick? I remember it well. I remember at that time my mom had a large purse and we would laugh at how “uncool” she was […]

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Relaxing Weekend In PA

The clouds parted a bit this weekend and I was happy for the opportunity to sit poolside in PA with my family.  I haven’t been to PA since Easter (which is extremely long for me) and I decided this weekend would be a great weekend to go there and relax. I made my usual trip […]

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What I Learned In My 20’s: The Transition Years

Now that I am starting the last year of my 20’s, and am older and wiser then I was when I began this decade, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what being in my 20’s has meant to me, and maybe shed some wisdom to those who are still working their […]

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to me! Today I begin the final leg of my 20’s …..the beginning of the end of my 20’s…wow that is scary! I am not exactly sure where the time went? It seems like yesterday I was celebrating the big 21st birthday and loving the fact that I was legally allowed in bars…how […]

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Rain Rain Go Away!

I am absolutely sick of this rainy weather! It is June 23rd and I am losing any sort of tan I may have gotten early on in the season. I am angry and frustrated and somehow this is affecting my thoughts. I honestly could not think of anything intelligent to blog about today??? So I […]

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