That’s right folks we have a winner! Not that it was much of a contest.  I am actually very disappointed with the turn out in entries. I found that a ton more people viewed the page than actually entered. That’s right, I can see how many people view my site! What’s that about? Who wouldn’t want free stuff? Was it the promiscuous nature of the site being featured? I didn’t think my readers were so prudish? I guess I was wrong!

I am happy to announce that our winner was the first commenter! For these contests I use the website to generate the winning commenter. And this time #1 was chosen, so CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to getting you your $25 gift card to Eden Fantasys! Use it wisely (wink wink).

Shame on you all and I hope next time I have a contest or giveaway you will feel more inclined to participate. A giveaway is much more fun when there are more entries! But thank you to those of you who were brave and commented. I enjoyed reading what you had to say!