Let’s face it…we all can get a little crazy sometimes. Well…not me of course…but all of you! (I can hear Captain Awesome laugh out loud as he reads this along with most of my IRL friends). No matter what, we as people judge others. We aren’t proud of it, and those that say they NEVER judge are liars. Sorry, I hate to have to call you out but it’s true. We all live our lives according to our own rules, and those that don’t follow or believe in those rules are “crazy”. People are crazy about time, schedules, clothes, money, work…the list goes on and on. We, as adults can only choose what level of crazy we are comfortable with. Just face it…we ALL are a little crazy. But the craziest thing is how not only people judge each other, but how couples do the same thing.

Men like to believe that it’s just the women in their lives who are crazy, but I have a secret men…women think you are just as, if not more crazy then we are. You think women are tough to figure out? It’s not a riddle…give us kisses, want to be with us, help around the house, do romantic things, and BE there for us and things will be good. See no secret? But the trick is finding just the right amount of crazy between a man and a woman to make it work.

Every couple is different. Every parent is different and every man or woman is different. It’s just who you mesh with as lovers or friends that make it work. I always look at other people choices and think….wow. How could they do that? But I am pretty darn positive that people look at both me and The Captain and think…wow. ..they are nuts. I could NEVER live with them. To be honest, The Captain and I discuss regularly how we believe we are the only sane people out there, but that might be the red flag…What is that saying about throwing stones?

I don’t think it will ever change, but I try to do my best to recognize my judgment as wrong. All I can do is be the best person that I can be and hope the people in my life approve, because those who don’t don’t really matter right?

And you shouldn’t judge either…Your crazy too!