The celebration continues today with a little talk of make up! That’s right ladies….who doesn’t love make up? Especially when it’s being given away? I personally am a HUGE sucker for all things make up. If you take me to one of those counters and give me a make over, I have a tendency to buy everything they put on my face. For some reason each time I leave believing that I can make myself look just as good as the make up artist did! But of course that never happens. I love make up and facial products, and moisturizers and brushes. Pretty much anything beauty related, so when I was approached by Votre Vu  to do a review and giveaway I jumped at the chance! And I thought it would fit perfectly into my Blogaversary week theme because hey, who wouldn’t want to win free products?? Especially good ones that are used on famous people! But more on that later…. 

Votre Vu is in their 2nd year but it seems that they are getting their name out there with a Bang! On top of all the PR they’ve been getting…Their products were given in the gift bag that the stars of Valentine’s Day received! Also, their products were used at this years Sundance Film Festival! If I can be sold on products just sold at a make up counter, just think what attaching a movie stars name to the list of product users can do for me?? I’m easily excited people! 


Makeup artist Olaf Derlig, of his work on Marisa Tomei: 

“I had an amazing result using VOTRE VU today on Marisa Tomei. Getting Marisa
ready right after she arrived from the airport going straight to her
premiere it was very important to give her a nice fresh, glowy look and
perfect skin appearance. 

“Using “Wrinkle Eraser” all over her face was magic, it worked wonders!!” 

LUXE LIPS” gave back her lips just what they needed….”moisturized and

A “must have product” you need when you on the go to look perfect!!!” 


Makeup Artist Jessica Liparoto on working with Adrien Brody: 

“I had gifted Adrien Brody with the fabulous
Votre Vu products.  Adrien Brody’s skin type would reflect the ‘Attentive’
line.  He’s very particular about what he puts on his face and tends to
stick to what he knows. I was very impressed with Tragic Magic [Rescue
. It completely balanced him out! I also used [Champagne Kisses]
Enhancing Lip Balm
on him.” 

Ok, so that’s just naming a few, but this post would be really long if I kept going. Pamela, at Votre Vue allowed me to pick what I wanted. I told her I needed a good eye cream, so she was nice enough to send me 2 different kinds, as well as the Champagne Kisses Lip Balm. First I tried the Luxee Yeux Eye Beauty Balm  I highly recommend checking out the video on the page about it . Just a few dabs under your eyes make your eyes all bright and shiny! The video says that it can also be used to tame eye brows and to give your cheeks a glow! I love that it’s multi-functional. Then I tried the

TOUT LE MONDE Antioxidant Eye Gelée this one is more like an eye cream. It is very soothing on the eyes, and definitely helps when your eyes are tired and puffy. Finally I have been using the Champagne Kisses Lip Balm. Now for someone who LOVES lip stuff and chap stick and lip gloss…I LOVED this! It really moisturizes and smooths out my lips. Good stuff! All in all I was extremely happy with the products I tried. Plus I was happy to see that the price tag wasn’t insane either! After reading about all the products I think I want to try the Tragic Magic Rescue Cream next. My skin always needs to be settled down this time of year! Now for the Giveaway!!! Pamela at Votre Vu has offered to give one lucky winner both the Tout Le Monde eye Gelee AND the Champagne Kisses Lip Balm! That’s right 2 items that equal a $78 value! 

Votre Vu Giveaway:

Here’s how you enter: You can do one or all of these entries (I vote for all), but remember that each comment acts as an entry. The winner will be chosen via . The comments will be open starting today, and run for 2 weeks ending March 10th.

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 So good luck! I was very happy to find this brand of products, and I hope you will be too. Let me know if you order and try something!