I love my mom. She has so many roles in my life. Mom, Friend, Cheerleader, Co Worker and sometimes MAID! My mom came into town to visit for a few days. With our very busy schedules it’s been hard to set a time for her to visit me at my house. (I get to PA for a visit about once a month) For this particular visit she offered to help me with my spring cleaning, and by help I mean she did most of it herself. I jokingly call her the sergeant because she lovingly comes in, takes charge, and gets things done!

Family Help Traditions

Growing up my grandma would always visit and help my mom around the house doing the jobs that she herself never wanted to do. Now, my mom feels that she should pay it forward and do the same for me. These jobs include, washing the windows, mopping the floors, dusting everything very thoroughly, wiping my baseboards…the list could go on and on. This visit she did all that and more. It is so helpful to have someone else do those jobs. Those are the things that no one really sees unless you look up close. Those jobs always get put to the way side, and in my case don’t ever get done.

Other Family Visit Benefits

With her visits come other fun activities. I am lucky enough to have a flexible job and a great boss. (Thanks dad!) Therefore, when my mom visits we are able to do other things which mostly include shopping. My husband someday will have to ban her visits due to the amount of money I spend when she’s here! This time actually wasn’t bad since we both are slowing down our spending and did not buy much, but we still did a lot of errands! It’s fun doing my errands with someone else.

Another thing we do when she visits is EAT! Wow, am I fat after this visit.  She loves trying new and different food (unlike me) and we always end up eating out at different restaurants. This time we did Greek food, Tai food, and greasy baseball stadium food (courtesy of the new Met’s Citi Field). All were very wonderful, but my waistline is not very pleased with me. But hey, all in the name of family, right?

So there ya have it. The sergeant has come and gone, and I wish she could come more often. But I am thankful that both of our schedules are flexible enough to have her come as much as she does. Now it’s back to my normal routine…that is until Thursday when my brother flies in from Europe! Lots of family house guests this weeks!