As you know I am currently just over 10 weeks pregnant (10 weeks 3days to be exact), and that means my body is constantly changing. It’s odd because little Pooh Bear is so minuscule inside my belly, but the mid section is certainly making some changes. My tummy has always been my problem area. I would say I have skinny legs, and pretty skinny arms, but I’ve always had a little pooch. I like to say I’m all woman, because there isn’t an ounce of muscle on this only fluff! And that fluff right now is getting worse by the day! I don’t have a cute belly bump, but what I do have is a gut that SCREAMS “that girl drank way too much beer last night!”. The ironic thing is that beer certainly isn’t part of my diet these days, but the people of the world don’t know that. It’s tough being at that in between stage.

Yesterday I stopped at a store to check out some nice summery dresses. My plan of attack has been that I will be able to get away with wearing the summery dresses I currently own once the weather begins to get warmer. I am still on board for this plan, but what I just realized is that I haven’t bought any NEW dresses for the past two years! I did a ton of shopping for my honeymoon, and that’s what I currently have. But when the next summer came around I thought I would be preggers and didn’t shop. That means all pictures of my 2008 and 2009 summers I am in the same wardrobe! How embarrassing! So needless to say I thought I wanted to get at least SOMETHING new for this summer.

Well the shopping trip was kind of a bust. I just felt so fat in everything I put on. I realized that I just may have to start investing in a few maternity items. First thing on the list?? Maternity leggings. I think that will be a good staple. It’s funny because in my talks with other women who are, or have been preggers, I have found some that have bought maternity clothes starting around the 10 week mark, and then there are those horrid women who say they wore all their same clothes up to the third trimester. To be honest I have no idea how that works? I don’t have a baby belly yet and I’m already jealous! I doubt I will be one of those women because comfort is key in my book, so whatever is comfortable it will be.

Maybe I am just excited to get into maternity clothes. I’m so excited for this pregnancy, and I can’t wait for that baby bump to pop. At least then they can say “awww she’s pregnant”, not “wow look at that girls beer gut”. I also don’t really have friends who can loan me pregnancy clothes. Either we are different sizes, or they are pregnant now too, but I’m always up for taking loaners…so let me know! (I have no shame!)