This post was written on Monday, April 26th after our first appointment with the OB.

Ahhh the day has finally arrived, the day that we’ve been waiting for for weeks. It was a long time coming, with a couple of appointment changes along the way but we made it. I didn’t sleep well last night (obviously) and my stomach was in complete knots. If anyone tried to tell me to relax today they might have gotten a smack across the face! Sure I would have loved to be relaxed, but I wasn’t, and I knew I wouldn’t be until I stepped out of that doctors office with good news. But if you’ve been on top of my posts you’ll know that the news was good, and we were estatic, but I wanted to share this day with you anyway. The day we saw our little bean and heard it’s strong little heartbeat.

So we will back track to the morning. The morning where the seconds moved like years. Would it ever be 11:10 AM? I woke up and had to pee in a cup. See I always get stage fright when I get to the doctors office and I am unable to perform on command. So I fixed this problem before it happened by asking the doctors office to give me one of those sterile cups so that I could pee BEFORE I went into the doctor. This way I could be a good patient and give them what they need. They obliged me this odd wish, and I peed in a cup first thing in the morning so I wouldn’t forget. I tried to work (tried being the key word) showered (who wouldn’t before the lady doctor) and then waited. The office is only like 5 minutes from my house so I got to sit and wait till about 11:00 when I began to pack up my stuff. What stuff? Well I like to bring a book, and I made a binder with all of my questions and medical history. I heard that if the appointment went well we’d go right into that. So I was prepared. Off to the doctor I went. I was going to meet The Captain there.

I got to the office before him and cringed at the crowd. Oh boy this was going to be a wait. I was going to call him and tell him he could wait to leave work, but then we risked me getting called in before he got there and I did not want to postpone the appointment any longer than I had to. So he got there a couple minutes after me. It must be tough for the men at the lady doctor. It’s really a foreign land to them! So we waited…..and waited….and waited. Turns out a nurse called in sick and there was one woman for 2 doctors. What a day to have to wait. People kept coming but no one was going in. Just wonderful. Finally about an hour later (yes an hour!) we were called in. I was sick to my stomach. We knew full well how awful this appointment could go and I was just terrified. I don’t think my heart could’ve handled the bad news.

The doctor came in pretty quickly (thank goodness) and he could tell how scared we both were. He commented on the huge breaths that we were both taking. He told us that this appointment would only be to confirm the pregnancy, and that if all went well we’d have to come back for our first “official” OB appointment. (I guess the binder was unnecessary) He got straight to it…did a quick exam and said “it feels like you are pregnant”. Wow…I let out a huge breath of air that I didn’t even know I was holding. Was I even breathing? Now onto that mean sonogram machine. That would be the final say into how this pregnancy was going. Once it was all set up…right there on the screen the machine found our little bean. We had a bean! I always go back to that friends episode where Rachel is getting a sonogram and can’t see the…because in reality it’s a little blob. But it was our little blob, and that little blob flickered. It flickered with a little heartbeat! Our baby had a heartbeat!!! So I cried. I laid there and cried and the doctor smiled. We asked the doctor if we could hear the heartbeat and he said it might be early but he’d try…and right when he turned on the sound part a strong “womp, womp womp” blared on through. We could even hear our babies heart! I cried some more.

I was measuring a bit small. 6 weeks 6 days when I should’ve been 7 weeks 4 days based on my LMP. But the doctor said he wasn’t worried about 5 days. He told us he was very optimistic. I remember my doc being doctor doom last time so this vote of confidence made me feel so much better! Through tears I asked him if I was allowed to be excited…he said yes…I asked him if I could read the baby books….he smiled and said yes. Then he told us that we would come back in 2 weeks for another sonogram to have our first “official” OB appointment. Look at that guys! I’m finally a REAL OB patient!

He shook our hands and he left. Wow, we were stunned. But unfortunately through all my joy I forgot to ask him a few questions that I really wanted answered. Oh well I guess it’s ok to wait the 2 weeks. So we left with the picture of our bean in hand. I hated walking out of the office with tears in my eyes because it looked like I got bad news rather than good news, but what can you do? We saw our little miracle and that’s all that matters. For now I am able breath. That is until I realize that I still have a long way to go till the 12 week mark. But for now The Captain and I will bask in our joy. The joy in our good first appointment.