I feel lucky that I enjoyed my son’s baby stages. Now that he is almost 20 months, and I love how independent he is, and how much he actually sleeps, I still look at his baby pictures and remember how much I loved that time too. That being said, I also remember always wishing for what comes next. Being a mom is hard, and I think you always think if your child can just make it to that next step things will get easier, but you know what?? There is always another stage that is hard.

During the first few weeks and months you wish…wow I can’t wait for my newborn to sleep through the night. But if they are sleeping through the night that means they are up more during the day. And that means a lot more entertaining needs to be done by mom and dad.

You can’t wait for that moment when your child first rolls over, but keep in mind, once they do that they no longer are stationary. Where you put them isn’t where they are anymore if you leave the room.

You want your child to sit up. In your mind once they can sit up things will get easier. Once they sit up then can sit and entertain themselves. But once they sit up with will want to crawl and reach and move. Stationary is no longer fun for them. At this point your child will officially be on the move.

Woo hoo it’s time for your kid to be out of the infant seat! It will definitely be easier now when you don’t have to tote that heavy thing around. But try running a quick errand to the dry cleaner….or to the post office! That quick errand is no longer quick. Try carrying your dry cleaning with your son/daughter in your arms. A son/daughter that wants to be put down on the yucky floor. A son/daughter who can’t stand yet. Let me tell you…NOT EASY!

Then I remember being so excited for my son to walk. Who isn’t!? I was just so excited to not have to carry him anymore. He was just getting too heavy. But just because he could walk didn’t mean that he would, or SHOULD walk! Walking set him off to run and grab at things he shouldn’t. What I thought would be easier isn’t necessarily so….

As a parent you get so excited to experience all the new things your child does. But by looking forward I recommend not forgetting how great each stage actually is. A non moving baby sounds pretty great to me sometimes when my son is running full speed in a store at something he shouldn’t. I have a feeling no stage is EVER going to be easy. They will all have their challenges. All is easier said than done of course…but try to sit back and enjoy the ride. The next stage will come soon enough…