As you know my family has been taking vacations at the beach FOREVER! Every year my mom comments on how much she would love to get family portraits taken at the beach. Although my family gets together all the time, we haven’t taken a professional family photo in YEARS, so this year my siblings and I (and our spouses) decided to remedy that and hire a photographer to capture some great moments of us at the beach. I searched the internet for a local Sea Isle Photographer and was so excited to find Kindred Hearts Photography. Teresa was willing to come to us at our beach house, and all we had to do was give her GOLD! And if you ask me we…OK mainly she…delivered!

Kindred Hearts Photography: Family Beach Photography

Teresa has been obsessed with photos as long as she can remember and only recently has turned her passion into more of a career. On the Kindred Hearts about page, she mirrors my feelings about photographs EXACTLY!

Photos are such an important part of our lives. They help us freeze moments in time, that otherwise may be lost forever.

Helping people hold on to those tender moments in life… That’s what it’s all about

You can really tell that she loves what she does the moment you meet her. Even though we used her services to capture our family vacation Teresa also loves to photograph newborns, kids, maternity, and engaged couples. All portraits that you be lucky to have in your home.

I have gotten a lot of professional pictures taken over this past year and a half, mainly of the little guy, and I have NEVER panicked as much as I did for these. Since it’s been my mom’s dream to have these photos taken for so long I felt the pressure to make these great. We decided (after probably too much discussion), that we’d all wear white. Women in white dresses, the men (and boy) in white with khaki shorts. Perfect beach attire.

Teresa came fully prepared with the knowledge of the beach. It’s a great idea to use a photographer familiar with the area they are shooting in. I am pretty opinionated, but loved that she took charge and kept us moving to different poses. Her biggest challenge, and mine, was a semi cranky 19 month old who was hitting close to his bed time. The minutes were ticking down till we lost him, and she was up for the challenge. In the end we did lose him, and he cried. Teresa never lost her cool and made the best of things getting some amazing shots. You’d never even know he was upset!

I cherish pictures of my family. My stairway is FILLED with beautiful professional photos that make me smile every day. I am not sure you can put a price on that. I can’t believe it too us this long to get these family portraits taken, but now that we have I can freeze those great memories forever. If you have the opportunity to hire a photographer for any special moments in your life I highly recommend it. Even better? If you are in Southern New Jersey I would with out a doubt recommend Kindred Hearts Photography. You certainly won’t regret it.