Today we have a guest post from Confessions of a Moody Mommy . This is a blog that I regularly follow and I thought she, as a woman married 11 years could share some insight into marriage that I can’t being that I am married less than a year. Here is some advice from the future! 

My name is Alisha aka Moody Mommy.  I am a homemaker/ pro-blogger/ answerer of all questions.  I have been with my husband Bob for almost 11 years; through the ups and downs of infertility, my bipolar diagnoses, and life in general.  We have been able to build a happy home with our two children.  My daughter LuvBug is 6 and my son CuddleBug is 5.  Though my days are filled with messes, spills, and an occasional fight; I would not trade my life for anything.

My Marriage


My husband and I have been married for 11 years this August.  We have been on the highest level of pure crazy LOVE and we have been on the lowest level of pure crazy HATE.  


Looking back, I wish that someone had sat down and talked to me about the honest coming and goings of a marriage.  Marriage did not come with a beautifully detailed instruction manual. 


  • No one explained male PMS…and yes it does exist!!  I swear every other month or so, my husband is an absolute bear for about a week.  I still haven’t found the exact cause!!


  • No one explained the Nurse Nightingale syndrome either…When my husband gets sick, the whole world has to stop to take care of his runny nose.


  • No one explained the noise factor either…my husband has sonars for ears.  He can hear a pin drop 500 feet away…and that is too loud!  But, yet if the TV is on he is deaf!!


  • No one explained to me that I would have to ask permission!!  What!!  I am a grown adult, why am I asking permission to go out with the girls!!


  • No one explained to me that I would have to justify every thought I had!!  I want to paint the bathroom purple.  Why?  Because I do!  But Why??  Ohhh! Forget it!!


I now know that when my husband comes home, he likes to house to be clean.  When the house is a mess he is stressed out and uncomfortable.


I now know that if He puts Tabasco on his meal…I need to pull out the cookbook, cuz he doesn’t like it…


I now know that for both of us, Sex is the best medicine.  When we are booth cranky and moody…sex is what draws us out of it…


I now know to take him out of the house to have a serious conversation…he is always too distracted at the house.


I now know that I would not ever trade a bad day…I love and cherish every minute I have had with him…even during his PMS!!!


Marriage is a daily chore and challenge.  It is not just the wedding and the dress.  Marriage is soooo much more.  Marriage is knowing that your best friend is waiting to kiss you good night.  Marriage is knowing that you are not alone in anything you do.  You will always have your husband by your side.