But, much as getting the most excellent family car to buy in 2018 is no mean feat, it shouldn’t be entirely impossible to purchase one. If you are going to hunt for a family car to choose, don’t just plainly opt for an SUV, a Minivan or a Hatchback.

You can choose a hatchback like BMW 7, a Minivan or an SUV – Kijiji Autos a whole lot of them. But before you get out, looking for a family van, here’s the most comprehensive checklist to have at hand.

Buyer’s Guide – Buying a Family Car

1.      Did you know that the best family cars must have wide-opening doors?

Whether it is a “three-door” or a “five-door” family car, it is how the doors open that matter. A wide-opening door will allow everyone to get in comfortably or even a smooth installation of a child car seat. If your entourage includes the elderly, most definitely you will have to choose wide-opening doors too. Sliding rear doors of MPVs are a decent choice, pretty much like those wide doors of SUVs.

2.      Stadium Seating

A family car must have a rear aperture, but more importantly, it should have raised rear seating. Stadium seating is a stable nowadays, though it is mostly standard in SUVs and MPVs. With this style of seating, fitting child seats into the car becomes pretty straightforward, while everyone ends up with a better and unobstructed view of the front.

Another benefit of choosing stadium seating is the comfortable posture that reduces travel sickness. Everyone will sit for long without feeling tired or bored. If you finally resort to buying a family car based on this feature, be sure to check if the rear-seat head restraints are removable. It is a deal-breaker!

3.      Is the passenger airbag easy to switch off?

The essence of buying a family car is to accommodate everyone conveniently and still ensure you all feel comfortable. An excellent choice is that which can accommodate a rear-facing child seat fitted in the front seat, and it’s good that almost all of them are made with this allowance in mind. However, check to see if you can deactivate the front airbag on the rear-facing front seat of your toddler because it is vital for the safety of your child.

4.      Isofix – very mandatory!

Fixing a child car seat isn’t possible on all types of cars. As for that family car, it is not debatable since clip-in Isofix mounting points are there to ensure a secure, smooth fixing. However, check so that you know if the clip-ins are easy to access and fit too.

5.      Safety Ratings – does it have any?

It’s good to see if the car you are buying has a proper crash safety and child protection rating. Typically, a good Euro NCAP score is enough even though advanced safety systems, such as AEB or Autonomous Emergency Braking is even more impressive.

Other features are adequate storage areas to reduce clutter, sliding doors and, of course, child-friendly features. Kids will only feel comfortable on the car when their toys are safe.