I have many archenemies in this world. Most of them consist of inanimate objects or scary bugs such as bees. I have come to terms with the fact that I will not get along with all things in life, but this acceptance was/is a long road. It took many years and a lot of money, but finally I have won the battle against a big enemy of mine….THE GYM!

My Past Gym Experiences

The gym and I go way back. I am in no way saying that I was ever a gym rat, I am saying more that we go back in a sort of “I know you exist” type of way. My pattern seems to be…start feeling fat, tell myself I need to go to the gym…find a gym, pay the start up fee, and get locked into a year membership…why? Because this time will be different and I will go to the gym. It is pretty much a joke between me and my husband. I have just about joined every gym in a 15 mile radius. Each of those times, the gyms monthly fee was taken out of my bank account for a full year. Did I ever go for a full year? Let alone for a full month? NO!

It happened the same each time. It would get to be about February and I would start to panic about bathing suit season. I would procrastinate till about May when I would join the gym. I would go for the month of May and that was it. I joined Tropical fitness because it was close, I joined Dolphin fitness because it had cheap monthly rates, I joined LA fitness because it had a pool, and I joined Lucille Roberts because it had classes. Yes folks I joined them all.

My Realization

When we moved into our current townhouse we were excited that there would be a gym across the street. (Literally across the street as in walking distance.) The gym has weights, treadmills and ellipticals. All with TV’s. The only downside? I could no longer make up any excuses why I couldn’t make it to the gym! Distance was no longer an excuse, because it was so close. Cost was no longer an excuse because it was included in our maintenance. So now what?

I am 28 soon to be 29 and have learned a very valuable life lesson. I will never go to the gym. I just don’t like it and I never will. So there you have it… my confession of the day. I am sure some will turn their noses up at me and say “But you need it for your health” or “just find an activity you enjoy”. But I just have to confess to you all loud and clear…I JUST DON’T WANT TO! That’s it. After 10 years, and at least 5 gym memberships I can finally accept that I will never enjoy working out. I no longer need to lie to myself. It’s not in my nature and I think that is A OK!