Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Twelve years ago today The Captain and I went on our very FIRST date! Can you believe it? I remember so many things about that Valentine’s as well as many after that including the day he proposed to me. Yes, he proposed on Valentine’s day at the very same restaurant we went to on our very first date. So of course this day is always special in our life.

The romantic day does change a bit once kids come into the mix. Last year our son was just a few months old so exhausted we ordered food in. This year, we thought we’d be doing the same thing, but then my mother in law came through and told us she would be able to watch our little man. Woo hoo! It’s amazing how hard it is to get last minute reservations on Valentine’s day, but we were going to do our best. Then, our little man came up with some plans of his own.

He got sick…..yes, he got his first real fever. It’s amazing..how I never thought I would be able to tell if someone had a fever until my son actually had one. I knew right away. I guess it’s just a talent you get when you become a mom? Doc is guessing it’s Rosiola, but either way it seems to be a virus. That means we just have to wait it out.

Captain Awesome and I decided to postpone our dinner plans till tomorrow. If we went tonight I wouldn’t have fun and would just worry about my son. He needs his mamma, so I will be here to cuddle him. Our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner can wait.

We still know how special this day is no matter how we celebrate. Just funny how much has changed over the last 12 years. All for the better of course! Happy Valentine’s day to all, and an even bigger Happy Valentine’s day to my Captain Awesome! The most wonderful husband, friend and father. I Love you more with each passing year!