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Things Captain Awesome Said…

Sometimes Captain Awesome makes statements that I think to myself “self…I wish someone else could hear how ridiculous my husband sounds right now”. So I am starting a segment called “Things Captain Awesome Said” This one is in reference to our dog Tinkerbell being super annoyed that The Captain was disturbing her sleep while she […]

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Daddy Knows Best?

When it comes to raising the kid, I have to say that I pretty much am President, CEO, Captain….or whatever term you want to use to mean…in charge. Yes, our little guy has two parents, but the day to day stuff is left to me. Captain Awesome obviously gets asked about the bigger stuff, but […]

By | March 29th, 2012|captain awesome|2 Comments

Happy Birthday Captain Awesome!

Today I want to wish my husband, my Captain Awesome and my best friend a very happy 30th birthday! You read that right…Captain Awesome turns 30 today! He can now join me in the next decade! Captain Awesome is one of those people who likes to celebrate their birthday for as long as possible. The […]

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When Opposites Don’t Attract

What is that Paula Abdul song?? Opposites Attract? You know the one…the one where she is dancing with that cat? Well it’s a great and catchy tune, and sometimes I will agree with that statement, but sometimes it couldn’t be farther than from the truth. Sometimes opposites cause tension in relationships, and when that happens […]

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