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Going Formal

I have always loved getting dressed up. Whether it was playing pretend as a little girl, going to the prom, or even something as simple as going to a wedding, I have always enjoyed everything that goes into the dress up process. I have to admit it is a little harder to get myself all […]

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I’m Like Red Wine…I get Better With Age

Today I turn 31 one years old. Crazy! I like to think I am like a red wine and get better with age, but I guess it depends who you are asking. 21 year old Jen would be proud of where I am today, but would think I was totally uncool. She’d laugh at my […]

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Fresh Produce Clothing: Perfect For Summer

When I think of summer clothes I think of anything that’s flowy, light and comfortable. I always think I look best in the summer because I find it easy to just throw on a long maxi dress and be on my way. In the winter my go to is always sweat pants. That is why […]

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Online Shopping..Yay? or Nay?

Now that I have an infant I notice I have less and less time to myself, and a lot less time to stroll around and shop. It was inevitable, and I knew what I was getting into, but it still sometimes puts a damper on my fashion choices. One way to make shopping easy is […]

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Feeding Frustration

As a creature of habit, I always find it scary and confusing to try new things with my baby. As always, our schedule is constantly changing, and therefore, I must be flexible (which can be difficult!). One part of our day that I am finding extremely frustrating is the food. As excited as I am […]

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