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Our 3D Sonogram!

This weekend we got to experience an amazing thing! We got to see our little boy face to face! We have seen him in sonograms in the past, but the 3D sonogram experience is completely different. This type of sonogram allows you to see features, and when they put it in 4D mode you get […]

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Pleasure Your Mate Month: The He Said/She Said Version

She Said…. Did  you know that September is/was Pleasure your mate month? No? Me neither! But it is! Now get your mind out of the gutter, because it’s a “Hallmark Holiday” to remember to celebrate your loved one.  Being that my blog’s original focus is on my life as a wife, I thought it would […]

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The Comedy In Pregnancy

When I first got pregnant I expected the worst. I have heard so many horror stories, of dreadful morning sickness, lots of weight gain, crazy food cravings, lots of emotional outbursts, uncontrollable flatulence, and wetting your pants…all things that seem less than desirable. But I was prepared. I read Jenny Mcarthy’s book Belly laughs, and […]

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