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Wine Club: Spain

If we are looking at the silver lining of what has been going on in my life then we can look at one of the major things…and that is the fact that I can go back to enjoying wine. This past Monday the girls met for yet another wine club. I am very impressed that it […]

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Things I Love Thursday: Natural Peanut Butter

I have been a peanut butter lover all my life..well at least as long as I can remember. So much so that EVERY DAY of high school, a peanut butter sandwich was packed into my lunch. I could eat peanut butter every day and not get tired of it. Now that is love folks. Growing up, […]

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The Art Of The Dinner Party

I love being the hostess. That is no shocker to anyone that knows me. It doesn’t matter what is going on, I just know that I like when people come over to my house. One thing I really love doing, that I certainly don’t do enough is host a dinner party. I get very excited to […]

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My Boycott On Movie Theaters

I have been told by some people that it seems as though I have many battles against many companies. I fight with a lot of them, most of the time losing, and then tell anyone who will listen how much I loath that particular thing or company. Today is no different. Today I want to […]

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Back To Life…Back To Reality

As many of you can imagine I have had alot on my mind. I haven’t felt like myself, and I feel like my life has taken a backseat to all the emotions I have been feeling. My week vacation at the Jersey shore was exactly what I needed. I had my family (minus my husband […]

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