When Opposites Don’t Attract

What is that Paula Abdul song?? Opposites Attract? You know the one…the one where she is dancing with that cat? Well it’s a great and catchy tune, and sometimes I will agree with that statement, but sometimes it couldn’t be farther than from the truth. Sometimes opposites cause tension in relationships, and when that happens [...]

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Married With Children (Well…Child)

When I started this blog my goal was to talk about my life after being married. I really wanted to be a good wife, and I was excited to take care of my husband and my home. Although I was never the “cleanest” homemaker per say, and have tried to be a cook, I think [...]

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Couple Garden: The Relationship Program

Every relationship has its ups and downs; it’s normal. The question is: How do you solve issues within your relationship or marriage? You may have tried self help books, relationship advice from family and friends, or couples counseling. Our relationship program Couple Garden takes a new approach-- it’s practical, it’s interactive, and it’s something that [...]

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Titanium: The New Choice in Wedding Band

Choosing a wedding band can be a difficult decision for some brides – especially for those who already have a long list of wedding to-dos. There are many different styles of wedding bands to choose from, and couples have the option to either choose matching sets or bands that vary with their personalities. Although some [...]

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