Those who knew The Captain and I in college will understand why it’s so appropriate that The Captain and I began our relationship on St. Paddy’s day. Some would say we like to indulge and party a bit, so you can imagine how the whole “let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend” speech went. As a matter of fact, I am not sure I totally remember! (Sad, but true!) That happened 10 years ago today!

I just can’t believe that this St. Patrick’s Day will mark ten years that Captain Awesome and I started our relationship. It took him a while to get the clue that he wanted to be “exclusive”, but I am so glad that he finally did. We have grown up together, and you have to agree that 10 years is pretty long for any relationship. Especially when you reach 10 years at 30!

Being an Irish girl myself, it’s nice to celebrate this holiday for multiple reasons. Plus, it’s always easy to remember! Although we’ve replaced this anniversary with our wedding one, we still make sure we celebrate today. As a matter of fact, mommy and daddy are going out to dinner tonight! Last year we did a bunch of shots to mark the day…this year may be a little more reserved. Mommy still has to wake up with her little man!

So for ten years the sorority girl, and the fraternity boy have made a life together. I wonder what our college selves would say if they knew that ten years later we’d be married with a baby! I’d like to think they knew we’d end up here all along.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!