love with food

My daughter likes to eat….ALOT. I mean at any given point in the day you could find her in our pantry pulling out snacks. I do my best to make sure she eats healthy, but sometimes snack foods just can’t be. Sometimes they are chips, and sometimes they are pretzels, and I say sometimes that’s OK! But I can still try right? I was so excited when Love With Food contacted me, and I got to try their quick and healthy, seasonal and organic or natural snacks that kids love!

Love With Food offers offers a carefully curated monthly box that comes directly to your door. They offer three different home plans that range from $7.99-$19.99/month. There is the Tasting Box, which offers 8 different snacks each month. The Deluxe box, which offers 16-20 different snacks each month, and the Gluten Free box which offers 10-12 celiac-free and mostly dairy free snacks. Each box ships FREE and snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten free or free from artificial junk. I personally got to try all three boxes and have to tell you that I was excited about everything in the boxes. Even better? My kids were excited, and even Captain Awesome loved the snacks. Such a great variety. There was a mix of salty and sweet, crunchy and not. All things that you probably wouldn’t find at your local store. I certainly was intrigued!

Another great feature this company is that it offers boxes to offices. What a great way to provide your workers with healthy snacks at work!

Love With Food not only simplifies your daily routine with all-natural snacks delivered monthly, but they also donate a meal to a food bank in the US each month someone is a member.  To date they have donated over 750k meals!  What a way to give back!

I was truly impressed with these snack boxes. I do my best to provide healthy food for my kids, but let’s face it…it’s not always tasty. But these were! That’s what I loved the best. Yummy, affordable healthy snacks delivered right to your door!