I love jewelry and although most of the time I wear classic pieces, I also enjoy fun interesting ones that make a statement. If it has a story behind it I say EVEN BETTER! When I saw The Giving Keys ($35) I knew I wanted to give one a try. Fashion with a message and purpose…..sign me up!

The Story Behind The Giving Keys

When you buy or are given this one of a kind necklace, you must give it away at some point, to a person who you feel needs the message that’s on your key.

I found that to be an amazing concept. I chose a necklace that says LOVE, and I am so excited to wear it for now knowing that someday I will give it to someone. I can only imagine how good it would feel to have someone come to me and give me this token with a message. It would always be a reminder of a good friend being in my life.

The Giving Keys was started by Caitlin Crosby who is an actress and singer. After seeing beauty in an old hotel room key, enough to make it into a necklace, Caitlin received a ton of complements and The Giving Keys became a company.  The company itself employees many homeless people to do the engraving and shipping of the keys.

I met this sweet homeless couple on Hollywood Blvd who have had a really tough life. After falling in love with their hearts, and how hard they’re working to try and change their lives, I had an “Ah-Ha moment.” I realized they were the missing link to The Giving Keys. So I asked them to be my business partners. After all, the whole concept is PAYING IT FORWARD.

By this one major act of kindness, the couple, Cera and Rob, have turned their life around, and their story is an uplifting one.

You get to choose your personal message. Words like FAITH, LOVE, and STRENGTH are prominently featured across your key. You then choose your chain/chord. These range from a gold chain to a suede chord. Once you choose your order is placed, (with free shipping in the US) and you then get to “borrow” your necklace until you encounter someone who needs that message more.

The Giving Keys are more than just jewelry. Once you share your message, be sure to share your story on The Giving Keys website. It’s amazing what a little key can do!

I was provided with a Giving Key for the purposes of this review. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.