Well ladies those wonderful women of Sex and the City are back again! I am so excited and ashamed to admit that I have yet to go see the movie. Please don’t judge me! I am a HUGE fan of the series, and I am so happy they decided to put out a second movie. Last month I was given the opportunity to receive the soundtrack before it came out in stores, and before the movie came out. I was super excited even though I normally am not a huge fan of movie soundtracks. I mean who doesn’t love that song that they play in all the preview commercials for the movie? But to be honest I once I heard it I had mixed reviews….I was kind of bummed.

Let’s start off with the good. That song that they play in the previews by Ricki-Lee called “Can’t Touch It” was just as good as it is on TV. It’s catchy, upbeat and fun. Another song I like on the soundtrack is one by Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis called “Love is your Color”. Dido appears on the soundtrack with a song “Everything to Lose”. It isn’t my favorite Dido song, but I definitely enjoyed it. Alicia Keys version of “Rapture” with the Sex and the City theme song sampled inside was kind of fun too. I like the original “Rapture” so it was a fun little mix.   Finally, who doesn’t love Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors”. That one is just classic and fits on almost any CD.

Now the not so good….I didn’t love alot of the “Bollywood” inspired songs. I know that they go to Dubai in the movie, and that it makes sense to have songs that fit those scenes, but it really wasn’t my taste. I might get bashed for this one, but I also did not like the Liza Minnelli songs…”Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)” would’ve been better as the original. There are also two songs by the Sex and The City Men’s Choir which I don’t feel are a good addition. Three songs on the soundtrack are by them, and it’s literally a men’s choir singing songs like “Till There was you”. Again, I think the originals are the best bet.

I am hoping that when I actually SEE the movie that everything will all fit and that I will like the songs more. That happens for me sometimes. Once I know why they are on the soundtrack, I find them more catchy. Who knows why??