Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s and future mother’s out there. Every year I always enjoy celebrating the day honoring my mother, grandmother and mother in law, but this year was a little different. This year I got the chance to take a peek at the future and allow myself the joys of picturing my life next year when I myself get to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother. It’s surreal, exciting and scary at the same time, but I was so blessed to have a great husband, as well as family and friends in my life to make my day special. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate our little bean.

My parents were in town this weekend, but had to leave Sunday morning early so that they could celebrate Mother’s Day with the rest of my family back in PA. It was extremely hard knowing that I was missing out on that, but at least I got to spend the weekend with them. I got my time in (although not enough). After I said my goodbyes early Sunday morning I headed back to bed. I was blessed to go back to sleep and stay that way till about 11:00 when The Captain and I decided it was time to get up. Captain Awesome generously made me breakfast, and proceeded to give me 2 cards. One from him, and the other from my little Tinkerbell. On top of that he got me a Mother’s Day present! How cute! He scared me a bit when he said that “he’s not sure it’s something I want, but he decided to take a leap of faith and get it”. (it’s never great to get a present with that as it’s opening line) But I opened the card and it was something I was so excited to get! It was a package to get a 3D/4D sonogram later on in the pregnancy! I don’t know if you’ve seen them, but it’s pretty crazy what details you get in this sonogram. You pretty much can tell what your baby will look like! It was the perfect gift. I can’t wait for that time in the pregnancy….only a couple of months to go!

It’s crazy to think about how next year’s Mother’s Day my life will be so different. It’s crazy to think about how next year at this time my little miracle will be with us so that we can celebrate with him/her. On top of all that next year’s Mother’s Day gets to be ALL ABOUT ME! That’s right dear readers, I get the whole day to do whatever I want to do! The Captain, Tinkerbell the bean and I get to spend our day as our own little family. Maybe this will be a start of a family tradition of our own? Who knows! What I do know is that I can’t wait!

This year’s pre Mother’s Day was just a small taste. A small little bit of insight into the years ahead, and I liked it. I felt special, and I loved the attention the little bean got. It’s amazing how loved the little miracle is already. I am truly blessed.

Keep us in your prayers today (Monday)! We have our first REAL OB appointment today and another sonogram! YIKES!!!