Valentine’s Day is near, and therefore it’s time to start thinking about what to get your loved one. You could go for the tried and true jewelry or candies, but this year, why not go for something a little sexy to add some spice. I have done a review of Eden Fantasys in the past, and when they asked me to do another one, I thought that Valentine’s Day was a perfect time of year to bring this fun website to my readers again. 

This time when the company asked me what I would like to try, I went a different route then I did last time. Last time I tried out their lingerie and LOVED it! This time I had them send me the Inttimo Massage oilin the Forbidden fruit scent, and the Illume Pearl aromatherapy candle. I thought both of these items were appropriate to talk about in public:) The massage oil smelled WONDERFUL and could be used for a massage as well as bath oil. It really made for a nice massage. The candle was great too! It’s a soy based candle, and made the room smell wonderful. It added just the right touch to set the mood. I really like their website because it has something for everyone…from sexy and romantic…to oh my goodness make me blush raunchy. But I guess there is a little bit of both in all of us right? 

Now for you my wonderful readers…Eden Fantasys is offering a $25 gift card to the winner of this contest! How fun is that? That way you can get your sweetie whatever you’d like! The contest is going to run from Monday February 1st through Monday February 8th. That gives you a week to enter, and enough time for the winner to order their gift before Valentine’s Day! Here’s how you can enter…. 

  • The first and most important way to enter is to go to the Eden Fantasys Website and let me know what you might use your $25 gift card to buy if you won. (don’t worry I won’t judge you! lol)

Here are some ways to get extra entries into the contest… 

  • Publicly become a Google Friend of After The Alter, and then comment telling me. (Look to the right side bar and click the word FOLLOW)
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  • Tweet about this giveaway, then copy and paste the link in a comment. You can copy and paste “I just entered to win a $25 Gift card to @edenfantasys from @afterthealter You should too! RT!”

To help you out, Eden Fantasys has put together a list of Gift Ideas that you could purchase with your $25 winnings! Check it out!

Under $25

Incognito Lipstick Vibe – $24.99 –  Masked in the perfect disguise and weighing almost nothing, the Incognito lipstick vibe looks the part almost to a tee-from its size to the twist-base to the actual lipstick. So be it your roommate, a family member or boss you’re keeping in the dark, this sneaky and cleverly disguised little toy will be no more conspicuous than your pocketbook or cell phone. More discreet massagers

Heart Shaped Ice Tray – $5.99 – Add a little romance to your next casual meal by popping a few of these in your lover’s drink. Twelve heart-shaped indentations let you make sweet shapes in ice, gelatin, and more! More gifts and gags

Candy Bra – $10 – The perfect accessory to our unbelievably popular Candy G-String is the new Candy Bra. Each Candy bra feature no less than 330 fruit-flavoured candy pieces, and at just 40 calories, strung together to form a wearable piece of underwear. One size fits most. The Candy bra is a novelty that doesn’t come in different sizes. More sensual wear

Candy G-String – $10 – The candy necklace of your childhood gets an erotic upgrade with this super-sweet and super-sexy Candy G-String. Each Candy G-String feature no less than 330 sweets, strung together to form a wearable piece of underwear that no man, or woman for that matter could possibly resist. One size fits most. The Candy G-String is a novelty that doesn’t come in different sizes.

Pink Lubricant– $19.99 – Designed to ensure maximum comfort on the female body, this silicone-based lubricant provides sensuous lubrication and moisturizing effects for comfortable penetration. Made with vitamin E and aloe vera, this smooth lube is safe for use with condoms, completely hypoallergenic, and easy-to-clean.

Sugar Lips – $8.99 – Sugar Lips is the newest line of lipstick for adventurous women and their lovers by Erotic Cosmetics. Available in 6 tantalizing flavors and colors, these lipsticks will enhance your pout and make your kiss delicious as can be. Comes in 6 flavors. More bath and body

Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games – $15.99 – To warm up, four games will get your motor running. Finish the fantasy asks you to use your imagination to complete a sexy story. Dirty truth or dare and titillating trivia games step up the slumber-party staples with sexy challenges. The get him hot game will make him endure various sensual teases without being able to tease back. Once you’re ready for more playful pursuits, three more games will make you grin and get you in the mood for love. More love games

Guide to Getting It On – $24.95 – Explicit, encyclopedic, and totally accessible, Guide to Getting It On! is regarded as one of the best how-to books on sex ever written-and certainly the most fun to read. This new commemorative edition doesn’t disappoint. Along with the tips, techniques, positions, inhibitions, photographs, and slang terms from earlier editions, it includes over 100 new pages on a wide array of topics. More sex guides

Bwarm Massage Candle– $21.85 – The bwarm is a rose scented massage candle that smells great, yet isn’t overpowering. The modern flexible holder allows the warm wax to easily be poured onto the skin. It massages in very nicely and leaves a light scent and your skin feeling amazing. More sensual products

Satin Wrap 3-Piece Bra Set – $17.99 – Slip on this sheer ensemble for a night to remember. The sexy red top features chiffon cups trimmed with small scalloped lace, and satin ribbon to wrap around your body. The comfortable shoulder straps are adjustable for a secure fit. The soft chiffon skirt has an elastic waistline on the back, and satin ribbon on the front. More lingerie

Heart-On Bullet – $7.99 – This small bullet delivers intense love buzz through the pattern of cute little hearts. It makes a great gift for a sex toy beginner or as a small Valentine day treat.

Hot Lips Pasties – $14.99 – Show only what you desire with the help of these sexy little pasties. Whether you’re looking for just a little coverage, or just don’t want to wear a bra, these are comfortable to wear and stay on even in the water.