Why Your Family Could Benefit From Self Storage

There is rarely additional space around the house with a large family. Toys, clothes, and school supplies tend to be stuffed into every nook and cranny which doesn’t always allow for easy storage of additional items. With winter over and summer just around the corner, many families are looking for areas to store their seasonal […]

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Too Much Stuff!

I find it absolutely amazing how much “stuff” one can collect over the years. I have lived in my own home for about 9 years at this point (meaning stuff isn’t at my parents), and over that time I have accumulated more “stuff” than anyone could possibly need. As The Captain will be quick to […]

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Learning To Be A Housewife…Again

When I started this blog, my main goal was to share about my life as a wife. I was newly married, and I really strived at being a good housewife. Why was it so important? Well, it’s because it was what I wanted to be…I work for the money, but I really feel/felt that my […]

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