E Mealz: Menu Planning Made Easy!

After having a baby my drive to cook dinner plummeted. Not only did the idea of hitting the grocery store frighten me, but the idea that I actually had to prepare the meal was even worse. Over time I found a good balance, and we got take out less and less. Then, a new dilemma […]

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Quilted Northern Winner!

  Congratulations to the Quilted Northern Winner! Lucky number 8!!! You are the proud winner of a year supply of Quilted Northern Toilet Paper! Thank you for all who entered! I hope all my new readers continue to follow and comment!

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A Shout Out To My TTC Past: A Pre~Seed Giveaway!

When I started blogging I enjoyed sharing about my married life, but when I started to talk about, and share almost everything about my TTC journey, I really felt that this blog kept me sane. Even though I was sharing VERY personal thoughts with hundreds of readers, I felt like it was a safe place […]

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