At 13 1/2 months my son how decided that he’s a big boy. He thinks he can spoon feed himself (he can’t), and now thinks he deserves plates and bowls. None of that would be a problem if he could, in fact, use those items. It’s no big surprise what happens when a plate or bowl goes on the tray. It gets thrown to the floor of course! We LOVE the game “watch mommy pick up the things I throw!”. It’s a household favorite. But now I was lucky enough to find a product to end all of that. The Baby Diner Dish Holder allows my little man to have the big boy act of having a plate, but also makes sure that plate stays put on the tray!

The Lil’ Diner Plate Saver was invented by a father who was frustrated with the restaurant experience since becoming a parent. Although parents loved the convenience of the The Plate Saver, they wanted a tool to use at home on the high chair also.  That’s when the Baby Diner  ($14.99) was created. The Baby Diner utilizes the same top suction cup feature for securing dishes as The Plate Saver, but instead has two super strong suction cups to attach to all types of smooth table tops or high chair trays.

I love that my son still “feels” like a big boy, but mommy knows that it is a controlled situation. I’m not promising that food won’t go on the floor. Of course he still loves to drop food. But I can say that these suction cups hold strong, and keep the plates and bowls firmly on the table.

I love products out there that are created by parents, because that’s who knows what is needed. Who better to create a dish holder than a man who was tired of their kid throwing their plates and bowls on the floor? The answer is NO ONE! The Baby Diner Dish Holder is a great idea. Definitely one that many of you will think…”hey I wish I thought of that!”But you didn’t….so 3 cheers for the people who did!

I was provided with a Baby Diner Dish Holder for the purposes of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.