It has been 7 weeks since our little Christian blessed us with his presence, and thus far Captain Awesome has yet to change 1 diaper. Yes, you read that correctly…7 weeks and no poopy diapers for daddy. He always said that he didn’t want to change diapers, and I always told him that he HAD to change diapers, and low and behold I am a sucker and have yet to force him to do it. When anyone asks, The Captain likes to tell them that he prefers to keep his “assistant” role when it comes to diapering…and for now that role is perfectly fine with him. Well you know what? That may not be perfectly fine with me. Mommy needs more than an assistant!

I will admit openly that The Captain is an amazing dad so far. He comes home from a long day aat work and will take the baby to give me a bit of a break. When the baby was fussy and gassy he researched ways to relieve his discomfort and sat on the floor doing bicycle kicks with his legs, and when the baby is fussy he will sit and spin this little bear mobile that Christian loves (You’d think it would spin on it’s own!). But with all of that came not one diaper change.

Here’s a story for you. One evening I asked The Captain to watch the baby for a bit while I took a shower. I was excited to relax and have a few moments to myself. After my shower I stepped out in my towel, and proceeded to dry off. That’s when I heard The Captain calling for me up the stairs. “We have a code 3” he yelled. I panicked for a second when I had no idea what a “code 3” was. I yelled “What’s a code three!?” He then proceeded to tell me the kid had pooped and peed and he got the diaper off and panicked. So I ran downstairs to see my poor son laying there diaperless. He was happy as can be, but daddy was not pleased with the dirty diaper. I changed the baby, showing the Captain each step I made. I guess I can give him some credit for giving it a try, but his follow through was lacking. Should he get an “A” for effort?

I am hoping that the “Assistant” will soon promote himself and take on a bigger diaper changing position. Mainly because someday I would like to leave the baby with his daddy and feel comfortable that he won’t be stuck sitting in a poopy diaper all day. I know that he’s a smart man and CAN change a diaper…we just have to get him to actually do it. It’s time for a promotion don’t you think?

Does your man change diapers? What role did your spouse take when it came to daddy duties of an infant?