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Shades Of Gray

The other day I looking in my bathroom mirror and I saw a very scary site. Maybe it was so scary because I truly didn’t expect to see it…but needless to say I was shocked. Yes dear readers I have a confession…this girl’s hair is beginning to turn gray! That’s right! Right there in the […]

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Date Night

They say it’s extremely important to still focus on your marriage after having a baby, because it’s very easy for that baby to consume your entire life. You find that your daily conversions are more about poopy diapers and toys rather than anything resembling adult conversation. Normally, that’s just wonderful because that’s what being a […]

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Learning To Be A Housewife…Again

When I started this blog, my main goal was to share about my life as a wife. I was newly married, and I really strived at being a good housewife. Why was it so important? Well, it’s because it was what I wanted to be…I work for the money, but I really feel/felt that my […]

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Enjoy Him

From the moment you tell people you are pregnant people tend to give you lots of advice whether you want it or not. Some of its useful, but most you are left smiling, saying thank you, and moving on. But through it all there has been one piece that I have done my best to […]

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Kolcraft: Playing With Wally Wonderbug

As a “Kolcraft Mom” I get updates regularly about new products that Kolcraft will soon be offering. The most recent update was for a great little activity center that they like to call Wally Wonderbug ($69.99)! Not only did I get to hear about this product, but Kolcraft was nice enough to send me one […]

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