Queen For a Day! My SITS Day!

Sound the horns and start the drums! It’s time for all the fanfare that a Queen for a day would get! (wait…does a Queen for a day get fanfare?) I say she does! And this Queen is ready for her tiarra (which is still sitting on a shelf in my living room after my wedding […]

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In Limbo

As I went to write today’s post I realize I don’t have much to say?? It’s a weird feeling since I always have something to say. I always have a comment about SOMETHING, or a topic I want to rant about, a little adventure going on in my life, or a story about my marriage. […]

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Where’d I go?

Hello! Thanks for visiting today but I’m not here! I am over at Skin Care In the City where my bloggy friend and sponsor for Votre Vu Make up products asked me to do a guest post while she is away! I hope you can come and visit me over there today! I think  you’ll like […]

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Building The After The Alter Community

If asked what my main goals for this blog would be…other than to babble on and on about personal thoughts…I would say that I would like to make After The Alter a place where people can go and talk about their marriage. There are so many places to go and talk about kids, and pregnancy […]

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Writers Block

  I am so embarrassed…I honestly have absolutely nothing to say! What is wrong with me? I can’t think of many times where I was at a loss for words. Pretty much NEVER! Ask The Captain! But right now…at this moment I have ZERO thoughts to share with you. My mind is devoid of anything […]

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