Wifey 101: Fine vs. FINE…

Although they are spelled the same, the words Fine and FINE have very different meanings depending how they are used. That's right men, women have their own definitions of this word, and if you want to be a happy man, you will learn quickly which meaning your wife or girlfriend is using.Women, be careful using [...]

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Wifey Wednesday: Work At Home Wife

It's Wifey Wednesday over at To Love Honor and Vacuum. I was excited to participate in this weeks discussion since I follow this blog regularly. All over the internet and TV we hear about Stay at home moms. These wonderful women work hard to keep their family together by raising the children and keeping the [...]

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Independent Woman

When I graduated from college, I never had the opportunity to move back home and save money like most of my friends did. My husband was still in college, and I decided that in order to make our relationship work, I would rent an apartment on Long Island so we could be together. Adult Responsibilities [...]

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What Would You Choose??

Ok, I think we need to get a little dialogue going on this blog and I think this is just the post to do it. As wives and as women we wear many hats. Each of us goes about doing things different ways, and probably some do more than others, but no matter what we [...]

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