We Survived The Storm!

Wooo hooo! Irene came and went, and all is good in After The Alter Land! As a matter of fact, if I didn’t have the news running constantly I wouldn’t have really known anything was going on at all! I must say the weather people got it pretty right this time though. The storm did [...]

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The Impending Storm

Within one week my son experienced his first earthquake (and hopefully his only), and if the weather people are right, he will experience his first hurricane. Irene seems to have Long Island set in her sights, and soon will be making her appearance. Am I worried? Yes! Am I a bit scared? Yes! But only [...]

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Rain Rain Go Away!

I am absolutely sick of this rainy weather! It is June 23rd and I am losing any sort of tan I may have gotten early on in the season. I am angry and frustrated and somehow this is affecting my thoughts. I honestly could not think of anything intelligent to blog about today??? So I [...]

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Just What The Doctor Ordered

If it were appropriate to go to the doctor to complain about the long extended winter we just had, or the depression it brings with it...then he certainly would've prescribed this past weekends activities to make the long winter blues disappear! This Memorial Day weekend had all the elements to make it a complete success....Sun, [...]

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There is No Such Thing as Global Warming

I know that I will get some environmentalist upset by this title, so I will apologize in advance. I think I am just very angry by the fact that it's April 21st, and it's COLD! I mean, it's almost winter weather cold. I find this to be pretty unacceptable. North Eastern Weather Living in the [...]

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