When A Vacation Isn’t A Vacation

I was surfing around Pinterest the other day, and I kept seeing all these beautiful beaches and locations that I could only dream about visiting. Then I reminded myself that maybe someday I really could go a fantastic beach getaway. It would be MARVELOUS! Then I thought about it a little more….would I ever REALLY [...]

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Pocono Weekend Getaway

Before you think…”OMG Jen is holding a gun!”….I will tell you that it’s a bee bee gun and I am shooting at cans (not very well might I add!). ANYWHO! Last weekend The Captain, our little man, our little Tinkerbell and myself hopped in the car and traveled to the Poconos to spend the weekend [...]

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Beach Livin

  I have always loved the ocean. I grew up taking family vacations at the beach, and to this day my family spends a week at the beach each year. I have to say I love almost everything about my beach vacations, and this year it’s gotten even better. This year I get to share [...]

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Sarasota vacation

Back to life...Back to reality!! Booo that's all I have to say! Some people find that after a while they get bored on vacation, but I am not one of those people. I think I'd do very well on a permanent vacation, but since that only happens in my dreams, it's time to get back [...]

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