Being In Charge of Your Fertility

Warning! Warning! This may be a TMI zone! If you have no interest in reading about women's issues and fertility then this post is not for you! Ok...I warned you! Here goes...I am not an anal person when it comes to many aspects of my life (sometimes I wish I were), but when it comes [...]

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Babies OFF the Brain

 Well...another month down the July baby for us. As I sat and wallowed in self pity for a little while, a little light bulb went off in my head. This past month we tried almost everything we could to time it right...I took control of almost everything I could....counted days, used OPK's, drank grapefruit [...]

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Continuing the Journey

This past summer I chose to share about my miscarriage and Our Loss. It was a horrible time in my life, and although I am moving on, there are some things that just remind me of the loss. For example this month I would've been in my 5th month of pregnancy. The fifth month is such an [...]

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